Horsepower, Horsepower, Horsepower. I love it so much I decided to begin road tuning in 2012 at Shannonville & Mosport. In 2016, I decided to dive in head first and bought a DYNO to begin tuning safely and professionally, Light Touch Tuning was born.

Operating out of Ottawa, Ontario I specialize in the following services:

  • 2WD Roller-style chassis Dyno with Eddy brake. Tuning & Horsepower measurement
  • Engine swaps & builds, custom horsepower in any fashion you like!
  • Stand-alone engine control system design, fabrication and installation.
  • Custom Race Tuning – any stand-alone ECU or live-tuning platform.
  • Alternative Fuel Tuning – E85, Racing Octane, etc.
  • Carbureted vehicle tuning – bring your jets!
  • Dyno Rental Service – bring your tuner locally & remotely, or tune yourself!
  • Horsepower measurement & data-logging