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ECU Calibration (Tuning) Services


Dyno Tuning right here in Ottawa!

Two-Wheel Drive Chassis Dyno w/load control

*Custom Race Tuning*

*Alternative Fuel Tuning*

*Dyno Rental Service - Bring your tuner*

*Horsepower measurement & data-logging*

*Carburated vehicle tuning - bring your jets!*

*Engine building & design services*

Custom intake & exhaust fabrication

(Link to Performance Boutique)

ECU Chipping


*Professional ECU socketing*

*Chip/daughterboard install & repair*

 *EFI conversions - Making classics modern* 

*Wiring & Electrical Services*

*Custom racecar harnesses*

*Gauge installs*

If there's wiring involved - we'll get it to sing and dance!

My Background


* Horsepower Horsepower Horsepower *

I love it so much I decided to begin road tuning cars in 2012 at Shannonville & Mosport and learned the ropes on my MR2 and began picking up clients. In 2016 I decided to dive in head first and bought a DYNO to begin tuning safely and professionally, @lighttouchtuning was born.  

We are lifetime VIP member of the High Performance Academy for on-going training and skills development!

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Light Touch Tuning Inc.

156 Reis Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

(613) 606-7174